Finish reading classwork
Read for 30 minutes in your leveled book
One reading response
– summary
– analysis: Infer about characters or Part to the whole.

Supports for Reading classwork



Read your leveled book for 30 minutes
Write a response
A response has two parts
-Part one is a summary
-Part two is Character analysis

Finish story mountain (class 503 only)


Finish reading class work

Read your short story
Write post its based on the chart from today

Use these post its to write long

An Example of writing long from today is below

Home of the Brave is told through Kek’s point of view.  We learn all about what Kek is feeling, thinking, how he speaks and what he is doing through his eyes.  For example, his perspective on America is that it is hard.  He states in the text “This America is hard work.”  Kek feels this way because of his experience.  He had to flee his country to come to America.  He was not prepared.  In addition, he says things like “flying boat.”  If it was told from someone else’s point of view, then we wouldn’t know what Kek is feeling, thinking or even what he calls things.


Read for 30 minutes
Write a summary
Analysis: Make inferences about characters. Focus on character traits and give evidence from the text that supports the trait.


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Meet the Teacher Night is next Tuesday